What is UI/UX and why is it important for creative agency


Creative Agency – Singapore is booming with creative agencies which leads to several universal creative agencies that are interested in the Singapore market however many of those don’t really understand the local scene. Digital social media marketing is constantly increasing the presence of Singaporean businesses to gain more customers. Nowadays, the customer visits the busy company with their fingerprint and nothing else.  Singapore creative ecommerce is on the list of business trends because the Singapore market is ready. The cost of digital marketing campaigns in Singapore is between $ 2,500 and $ 12,000 per month for small and medium businesses.

Every creative agency in Singapore contains its own better experience.  Here is the main introduction to the several types of “marketing” agencies in Singapore.

  • Direct intervention organisation
  • SEO agencies
  • Marketing Automation Agency
  • Direct intervention organisation
  • Web design/development agency
  • Creative agency
  • Public relations agency

What is UI/UX and why is it important?

Today’s consumers demand a great deal of your time and attention, and the success of any website or mobile app depends largely on the quality of the experience it offers.  For a creative agency, UI/UX is about improving the overall user experience when interacting with an application, website, or technical product.  Apple is a great example of a company that leverages on their creative agency that uses good UX design to create devices and systems that are easy to use and look great.  It all depends on the user’s journey – how they travel through your website or app to get where you need to go.

Below are some of the main benefits on why creative agency invests in UX/UI design.

Encourage interactions

Creative agency uses design elements to encourage visitors to get in touch with your website.  For example, installing a search function makes it easier for users to find information on the website, and the comment section allows users to share their experiences.

To retain customers

You’ll never forget a great experience, so an easy-to-use app or website will likely return a user. A UX/UI designer should create a customer journey map to facilitate the entire journey to the user’s site/app.

Improve SEO

Creative agency also uses user interface  for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve the SEO of your website. The user interface should be designed to improve search engine performance and meet user expectations.

Reduce development costs

Having a creative agency to build a good UI/UX design drastically reduces costs in the long run. UX/UI designers often perform extensive utility tests early on so that users can test a prototype version of the app.

Foster business growth

UX/UI improve on their wisdom and clients surety, which infinitely gets more visitors to the app. As users navigate your website, it is your responsibility to get them to your destination as efficiently as possible.

The importance of UI/UX design

Many users are looking for attractive and user-friendly applications. The app that is appealing and appealing to watch is often the emergence of a productive “ UX “ user experience and “ UI “ user interface. The perfect phone’s application maker will express you, The apps should be made to indicate the UX/UI layout. Which is where the achievement of your apps started. A good “ UI “ will immediately claim to your application, and a best “ UX “ will have a deep-rooted burden on your customers.  Thus, mastering both is essential for successful apps.


UI locates for “User interface”. This is the presentation of an app when the customer merges with it. The customer confirms that customers can smoothly merge with the apps. It consists of the app’s layout or design, Artwork, and user interface layout. A powerful customer bond should be glamorous for customers.


UI locates for users to experience a man’s reaction, approach, passion, and desire while checking an app. The convenience, unity, and benefits of an app grow the valid user or customer experience. To make a powerful user experience layout, you have to intensely analyze the obligations of your selected public.

The difference between UX/UI

UX primarily creates wireframes based on user travel maps and flows, usability, tests, and sitemaps. The user interface is based on user experience and focuses on visual design, design, icons and photography, attractive shapes, and animations. The distinction between “ UI “ and “ UX “is that customer collision suggests aesthetic elements with which people interact with a product, while UX refers to the experience with a product or service.

Why is UX more important than UI?

user experience & user interface, are the huge confusing & bad conditions in the business. UX painters instead UI as the same breaking the painting without a canvas, a UI without a user experience as same as the cage of an engraver without a noted machine. The best amount of involvement takes a step with user experience & then with the user interface. Both are key to the success of the product.

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