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Designed and developed by helping businesses run with efficient and ease, our solution includes CRM for businesses to manage sales leads/opportunities and reducing administrative and inventory management burden allowing you to focus on managing your business and keeping your customers happy.

Over the years, there is an enormous growth in the ecommerce sector with USD$ 4.9 trillion of sales worldwide making ecommerce an essential sales channel for retailers.

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mobile responsive web development

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile has been an essential part of our everyday life and thus it is important to build an ecommerce website that focuses on being mobile friendly as this will inevitable increase conversion rate.

When it comes to mobile responsive, we will need to take into account of the different mobile screen sizes available and ensuring the ecommerce website is able to display properly be it on tablet, Laptop or on most mobile.

User Friendly Navigation

When an user enter the website, we have to ensure user are able to navigate around the site with ease being able to find what they need.

This can be done by:
- Having clear headers
- Search bar for customer to use for products
- Quality product and services content
- FAQ page to answer to customer queries

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multiple payment option in ecommerce website

Multiple Payment Options

The essentials of an ecommerce website allows customer the ease of making payments and this is done thru having multiple payment options for customer to checkout their purchases.

Supported payment methods

Security Implementation

The rise of ecommerce is partnered with the rise of hackers and scammers online that are constantly searching for vulnerabilities in websites in return accessing customer information for monetary gain. With transactions and customer data involves, it is very important to ensure your ecommerce website is well protected to gain the trust from your customers.

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