User experience techniques for e-commerce website in Singapore

With the ease of WordPress or other ready-made websites now get work easier for users to create websites in just a few hours. The best part is that a non-technical person can also develop the best website for e-commerce with available templates and designs. You must consider some key elements such as a user-friendly interface, page layout, product pricing, CTA button, and catalog quality.

The best part of e-commerce websites is that you can target a large audience quickly and connect with customers 24*7. As a result, it increases revenue and grabs customer attention. At the same time, these websites are less expensive than traditional or brick-and-mortar stores.

Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS)

It is worth mentioning that you must follow a KISS principle while designing an e-commerce website for your business. Simple websites and their functionalities will likely enhance the customer’s attention. However, the more-pop ups placed on websites distract user’s minds, and they shift to another website in just a few minutes. Thus, it adversely affects the main aim of having a website to convince customers to purchase a product or service. Keep your e-commerce website design as much as simple with a user-friendly interface and properly-placed CTA buttons. The more simple website enables users to keep focus on sales.

Use Unique or Original Content

Creating original or unique content is the first and most important priority in developing an e-commerce website. Chances of success will increase only when you’ve used original and high-quality content enabling you to connect with your audience.

By promoting original content, you can leave behind a long-lasting impression among users. Why not put extra effort and produce something unique that is really appealing and compelling? There is a thin line between content that engages people and stuff that repels them. This is one of the essential long-lasting e-commerce marketing tactics.

Think From the Audience’s Point of View

If you want more and more users will visit your e-commerce website, you need to think like your audience. There are a few things that prospective consumers want, which makes it the best website for e-commerce.

Ensure that the e-commerce web solutions have easy-to-navigate panels and well-placed CTA buttons, making the shopping process simple, straightforward, easy, and hassle-free.

While designing an e-commerce website, keep yourself in the visitor’s shoes by thinking about what type of layout is easier for them to navigate. How will you organize your product in a way that makes sense for the end user? How to simplify the checkout process with no bouncing rates.

When you start thinking from the user’s point of view, you will understand what they will look like in your e-commerce store and design your site accordingly to meet their needs.


The e-commerce website design must be responsive and compatible with all devices, including mobile, tablets, and desktops. According to research studies, it is identified that mobile devices surpassed the desktop as it is the most popular device to surf with, including shopping. 

If you’re finding to grab the customer’s attention as they can shop from their respective phones or tablets, you must be attentive that your e-commerce web design Singapore is fully responsive. Contrary, you lose valuable visitors that want to purchase from mobile phones.

Human Touch and Personalization

The consumer is a powerful player in the e-commerce sector. This means that your company wants to stand out from competitors in a distinctive way. Because of this, it’s more crucial than ever to tailor your user experience (UX) to your target market’s requirements. This is a complex element of e-commerce marketing plans just as much as it is of your overall brand strategy.

Take some time to learn about your consumers to utilize your hard work efforts. Many people love it when they feel special. Try to greet them by addressing their name and sharing videos and photos of employees. Be transparent always with company procedures and policies. Ultimately, you will get the benefits of loyal customers as they start trusting you.

Everything here enhances the overall “face of the business.” Hopefully, this will find its way into the hearts of your clients.


Hope, the information mentioned above will help you design an e-commerce website. But, with the implementation of top web design ideas, e-commerce tips make work easier. Now, you have an idea of what you need to design a site that provides an appealing look and transforms conversion into leads. What you’re thinking? Use these effective tips to get the best out of an e-commerce shop store.