The Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Webpage: SEO Best Practices

Everyone knows that Google changes its guidelines frequently for SEO practices. However, SEO experts require enough time to understand them. Back in the day, keyword insertion in content is important to get a website on top in search engines. But now, everything has changed because of outdated on-page strategies and continuous improvements in search engines.

Google evaluates the search query or search intent based on relevancy, and keywords placements now become more complex because of regular changes in guidelines or Google algorithms is a full-fledged company in Singapore that offers a wide of range development services from website development to SEO Professional Services.

SEO best practices follow a set of definite guidelines that help improve your website’s organic rankings. It is based on one rule of thumb, the higher your rankings that means more visitors land on your website and go through your content.

What Does It Mean?

It is essential to follow the set guidelines or SEO best practices decided by Google as it is the only effective way to rank in top positions on search engines.

What are SEO Best Practices?

There are some SEO practices that you should follow for perfectly optimized web pages are mentioned below:-

Align Your Content with Search Intent

The content should be aligned with the search intent as it is Google’s main priority, the websites that rank on the first top results have cleared Google’s conditions or criteria for search intent. Every search query has some purpose behind the “search intent” or “user intent.

If you want to rank on 1st page of Google, first you must understand search intent and create content accordingly.

Four types of search intent are mentioned below:-

  • Educational when an individual wants to gain knowledge about a particular thing
  • Navigational when an individual is searching for a specific website or page.
  • Commercial when an individual wants to gather information before purchasing a product
  • Transaction: when an individual wants to purchase a product or complete an action

Page Speed

Website Page speed is one of the best SEO practices that Google has been using since 2018. The tech giant wants the website must load quickly on all devices, either desktop or mobile. However, it takes just a few seconds, and people jump from one website to another, which is termed a bounce rate. However, Google wants to improve website user web experience so fast loading pages will work effectively.

Google announced the mobile page speed optimization guidelines in 2018 as a search engine optimization implemented in 2018. If your website does not load fastly, your site is penalized by Google.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important SEO practice as it is a process of finding the right keyword that many people search on the internet. The adequately placed keywords help in maintaining and retaining the attention of users. Effective keyword research process offers numerous benefits, including engagement of the targeted audience, increased conversion rates, SERPs positions, and many other benefits.

URL Optimization

The URL structure of the website must be short, sweet, and catchy. Furthermore, the first 3 to 5 words of the Optimized Webpage is as much as vital as it enhances the weightage of webpage. URL structure includes keywords is considered one of the best SEO practices. Proper URL structure with keyword-rich specific will help you to rank on top of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Write Eye Catchy Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Meta tags and meta descriptions are two crucial factors of SEO practices that grab users’ attention. Title and meta tags are short descriptions of two lines that inform to users about the product or services. These are clickable, appearing on SERPs (search engine results pages) and highlights on the top page.

Content Optimization

Optimize your content with rich keywords and high-quality content that enhance the chances of getting top rank on Google. It boosts the morale of the website owners to get top SERPs. Rankings.

Keyword density, frequency, relevancy, and progression are some things you must keep in mind while writing optimized content.

Internal Linking

Internal linking can be done by using hyperlinking from a page on one domain to a different page on the same domain. Internal linking is the best on-page SEO practices that are that all are interlinked with one website but with different pages and keeps the reader here and there and help to tell Google that your website has high-quality content, valuable

The longer the time visitors spend on one page of your website that give more time Google to index and crawl yor website pages.


Hire Professional SEO Services if you want to promote yourself and want top rank on Google. SEO agencies will help increase conversion rates and engagement, build trust and loyalty, increasing traffic to your website, and, last but not least, enhance sales.