How To Increase Website Sales?

It is estimated that about 2.14 billion people will become digital buyers by the end of 2021? This means that website sales will contribute to about 27% of the world’s total population as the year comes to an end. In fact, the structure of ecommerce Singapore will alone rise to 80.9% in 2021 from 64.8% in 2017. That sounds fascinating!

Now, about 80% of Singaporeans love to shop online. With e-commerce gaining so much momentum in Singapore, does your website sales stands a chance to survive this rising competition? If not, you need few tips that can help you boost online traffic to your ecommerce Singapore website and loyal customers leaving your website after making huge purchases!

Here is how to increase your website sales:

1.  Design a Simple Homepage

A homepage delivers your concept and the product and services you deal in. Instead of overwhelming your visitors with huge pieces of information, keep your website well-organized, and the layout must be clean and simple with suitable colours, graphics and legible text.

Keep the following points in mind while designing the homepage:

  • Feature fewer yet your top-quality products on the first page.
  • The navigation process should be easier to handle.
  • It must be a mobile accessible website.

2.  Create Bandwagon Effect

While shopping through an e-commerce store, you might have come across the term “highly recommended by Singapore’s No. 1”. Do you know how much this simple sentence could play with the minds of online customers?

By creating a bandwagon effect and highlighting a particular product or popular service, you can influence a customer’s decision to buy, making them feel inclined to buy without a second thought.

3.  Make Effective Landing Pages

By connecting the paid ads with your landing pages, you are likely to bring increase your website sales.

So, design a landing page that connects with the paid ad you are using to direct more traffic to your official website. Create an advertisement of your best product; highlight its features, and when the customer clicks on the ad, the landing page must deliver the same precision. This will help you get a higher conversion rate by attracting more sales to your e-commerce site.

4.  Yield The Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email Marketing has always been an effective tool for capturing the attention of online customers. According to an estimate, enforcing Email Marketing businesses can earn up to $30-$50 on every dollar invested.

So, make your customers share their email addresses with you by offering them a free website review, discounts, your email newsletter, anything that is valuable to them and sparks their curiosity. Once you manage to grab the attention of your visitors, you can convert them into leads, and they can eventually become your loyal customers.

5.  Improve Communication and Trust

A consumer wishes to be 100% sure before making the final purchase. Here is what you can do to earn the trust of your audience and communicate effectively.

  • Try to build a connection with your customer by adding testimonials of happy customers on your homepage and landing page.
  • If your business holds any professional accreditations, post them on the homepage to improve your online reputation and make your customers feel satisfied with your brand.
  • You can also include a live chat option to improve your customer care service.
  • Providing a warranty on your products is another way to gain the trust of your valuable customers.

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